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When was your last Miracle?

Join us this Easter

In Sydney, April 8th - 15th, 2020

Australia and New Zealand

2020 Miracle Makers Cruise

April 8th  - 15th, 2020

Learn the proven tools, strategies, technology, and thought that empower you to make miracles a new unstoppable habit - while enjoying an unforgettable sea voyage to one of the most beautiful and magical lands on earth.


Join Dr. Leslie Wells and celebrity guest presenter Dr. John Demartini, as well as team of international experts, as they share the secrets of creating extraordinary, seemingly beyond reasonable outcomes.



Awaken your miracle maker powers while embracing adventure and having a whole lot of FUN in the process! 


You’ll learn how to:


  • Apply the “Breakthrough Keys” in everyday day life for certain success 

  • Write and activate your cosmic Purchase Order to God, and watch your “delivery” arrive right on time… like my husband Ken did! (In 5 days!)

  • Break free from the limited thinking that’s keeping you stuck

  • Align with the new era of the human journey,  and magnetize your heart’s desires

  • Find your ‘supernatural self’ as we merge science, spirit, and scriptures with  E-nergetic  V-ibrational E-xchange (E.V.E) Consciousness

...And so much more!

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Leslie Wells

Founder, E.V.E Consciousness

Dr. Leslie is an International Speaker, Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Holistic Energy Healing Facilitator, Intuitive Life Coach, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Doctor of Chiropractic and Founder of the E.V.E Consciousness movement, which was born from information about the human consciousness journey that she received through inspired realization in 2012. 

Dr. Leslie's books, seminars, broadcasts and training programs empower everyday people to access their inborn abilities to align with their heart’s desires and become intentional thought-form creators.


These teachings give a voice and curriculum to a human consciousness evolution movement that merges science with scriptures and transforms the victim consciousness within us to creator consciousness so we can align with the life of our dreams.

#1 Bestseller with 
The Secret's Joe Vitale

Check out Dr. Leslie’s new video webinar introduction to E.V.E Consciousness®, And then Dr. Leslie in action with Sylvia Vowless giving more information about the miracle makers cruise!

Dr. John Demartini

Top Human Behavior Specialist of the Year for 2020

Human Behavioral Specialist

Dr. John Demartini, famed star of The Secret and numerous other films, is a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, a researcher, author, and global educator. He has developed a series of solutions applicable across all markets, sectors and age groups. He has studied over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesized the wisdom of the ages which he shares on stage in over 100 countries. Dr. Demartini will join remotely, live on wide screen. 

"Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, a researcher, author, and global educator.  He was just recently selected as Top Human Behavior Specialist of the Year for 2020 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for his outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession." 

- KITV Island News

Donny Epstein

Visionary; Author; Creator of EpiEnergetics. An ordinary guy sharing extraordinary gifts.

Dr. Donny Epstein is the developer of EpiEnergetics; including NetworkSpinal, Somato Respiratory Integration, Reorganizational Healing and LIving, and new evolving Energetic Technologies. He is an author of four books -- The Twelve Stages of Healing, The Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook, The Boomerang Principle, and Healing Myths, Healing Magic.

His models of wellness, spinal and neural integrity, outcome assessments and Somatic Awareness have been studied by numerous universities and have been subject for several major research projects. For those seeking (r)evolutionary and practical means of advancing humanity, Dr. Epstein is a leader in world-wide wellness as well as one of the true sages and genuine visionaries of growth, human potential and body/mind healing.

Writer. Self-improver. Traveler. Mother.

Antonella is the author of 7 Steps to Joy, a book where she shares her spiritual journey and her awakening experience that led her to identify seven fundamental inner abilities we all have and need to tap into and to work on to achieve joy in life. Antonella is inspiring people who want to walk the path of their own spiritual journey. 

“Every day is a new gift and opportunity to evolve and grow up not only grow old!”
-Antonella Lo Re

Author of

Sylvia Vowless, QSA

Author of

Author - Speaker - Teacher

(QSM – Queen’s Service Award)

Sylvia has enjoyed 9 successful careers including being an international Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, and triple-Award winning Author for over 30 years.  She has been Guest Presenter at many international conferences and invited to teach in a dozen countries.  One highlight was being chosen as the New Zealand Ambassador and flown to Istanbul, Turkey to present at the World Symposium for Peace.


A life-changing miracle she created to solve a seemingly impossible situation, led her to realise that this is something we all have the inner ‘superpower’ ability to do – the secret is knowing how!  Since then Sylvia has been passionately dedicated to sharing her insights, 10 strategies and tools with countless others worldwide, empowering all to enjoy a wonderfully fulfilling life of happiness, success and miracles.

UNanchored Woman - Empowerment Coach

Dr. Martha Nessler is a successful entrepreneur, empowerment coach, international speaker, Dr of Chiropractic (USA), doTERRA Blue Diamond and essential oils authority.


But if you ask her what she loves most about what she is helping women set themselves free, free of the S#!T that holds them down like an anchor. She is passionate about empowering women to, not only shed that S#!T, but to re-purpose it, UNAnchor and use it as a catapult toward the life of their dreams. She has experienced this in her own life and has helped thousands of women UPlevel their physical and emotional health, their relationships, their businesses and their lives. 

"Together we’ll get you to SHED THAT S#!T and SHINE!"


The Ship

Golden Princess® Cruise Ship

An inviting world of wonder awaits your arrival on Golden Princess. Connect with family and friends over world-class cuisine, gaze out at sea from one of 700 balcony staterooms or share new experiences with our Discovery at SEA programs. From casino gaming to relaxing options like the Lotus Spa®, you'll find an array of ways to renew body and soul.

Cruise Port Itinerary


Join other Miracle Makers:

The E.V.E Consciousness Story.. 

Our stories dictate our experience of reality, mold the choices we make, and shape how we view everything. We're constantly working on our story because that's how we progress, learn, and obtain better results from life.

LEARNING is upgrading your story. In the rapidly changing world we live in, isn't it time to CHANGE your story?? You're invited to hear the new story that will change your life, your abundance, and the world.

E.V.E Consciousness

...the new story that will change your life, your abundance, and the world.

The New Story

Come to learn of the third phase of human consciousness progression that starts now. Awakening your E.V.E Consciousness® will put you in control of your Energetic Vibrational Exchange and empower you to create the relationships, adventures, spiritual fulfillment, and the material abundance that your heart desires. Once you've stepped into the realm of creating through your heart, you will be a contributor to making a better world possible for all.