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When was your last Miracle?

Join us this Easter

In Sydney, April 8th - 15th, 2020

Australia and New Zealand

2020 Miracle Makers Cruise

April 8th  - 15th, 2020

Miracles only happen randomly – right?  WRONG!

Some years ago I was in a situation that seemingly had no solution.

It was then I discovered the ‘secrets’ to creating and attracting miracles as and when desired! 

I’d love you to join me on our life-changing Easter cruise so I can teach YOU my proven strategies, tools, technology and thought power to become an expert Miracle Maker!



You will learn …

  • 10 MIRACLES ‘n HAPPINESS HABITS for your new unstoppable power

  • Their Ancient Wisdom foundation woven together with latest research in neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum field, reprogramming your life-governing subconscious mind

  • How to tap into your highest ‘SuperSelf’ potential

  • Secrets of a healthy mind, anti-aging vibrant health, success and wealth of every kind.

  • How to break free from the limited thinking that’s kept you stuck 


And you’ll receive a copy of my double-international Award-winning book ‘The MIRACLE EFFECT!’

Enjoy cruising while becoming a MIRACLE MASTER!  Join me and our expert international team as they share their secrets of creating the environment for extraordinary, seemingly beyond reasonable outcomes to occur!

NOW is the time to awaken your miracle maker powers while embracing adventure and having a whole lot of FUN in the process! 

Powerful Presenters

Sylvia Vowless, QSA

Keynote Presenter


Author - Speaker - Teacher

(QSM – Queen’s Service Award)

Sylvia has enjoyed 9 successful careers including being an international Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, and triple-Award winning Author for over 30 years.  She has been Guest Presenter at many international conferences and invited to teach in a dozen countries.  One highlight was being chosen as the New Zealand Ambassador and flown to Istanbul, Turkey to present at the World Symposium for Peace.

A life-changing miracle she created to solve a seemingly impossible situation, led her to realise that this is something we all have the inner ‘superpower’ ability to do – the secret is knowing how!  Since then Sylvia has been passionately dedicated to sharing her insights, 10 strategies and tools with countless others worldwide, empowering all to enjoy a wonderfully fulfilling life of happiness, success and miracles.

Author of

UNanchored Woman - Empowerment Coach

Dr. Martha Nessler is a successful entrepreneur, empowerment coach, international speaker, Dr of Chiropractic (USA), doTERRA Blue Diamond and essential oils authority.


But if you ask her what she loves most about what she is helping women set themselves free, free of the S#!T that holds them down like an anchor. She is passionate about empowering women to, not only shed that S#!T, but to re-purpose it, UNAnchor and use it as a catapult toward the life of their dreams. She has experienced this in her own life and has helped thousands of women UPlevel their physical and emotional health, their relationships, their businesses and their lives. 

"Together we’ll get you to SHED THAT S#!T and SHINE!"

Writer. Self-improver. Traveler. Mother.

Antonella is the author of 7 Steps to Joy, a book where she shares her spiritual journey and her awakening experience that led her to identify seven fundamental inner abilities we all have and need to tap into and to work on to achieve joy in life. Antonella is inspiring people who want to walk the path of their own spiritual journey. 

“Every day is a new gift and opportunity to evolve and grow up not only grow old!”
-Antonella Lo Re

Author of

Miracle Makers Experience Leader

Elisabeth von Madarasz, BA

Visionary, Facilitator and Healer

Elisabeth came as a four year old refugee from Hungary to live in New Zealand. She shares with clients the healing skills of her decades of healing the traumas she chose.

In 1998 Elisabeth founded the Academy of Shamanic Studies NZ and, over 30 years, taught around the world as well as through Webinars and Web TV. She brings a modern expression to ancient knowledge and wisdom that are keys for individuals and humanity to make the shift in consciousness to bring about peace and Oneness.  In December 2018 she was inner guided to dissolve the Academy so she can now soar free of the limitations of definitions and form as a weaver of the Web of Oneness. 

Elisabeth is currently focused on co-creating healing sessions with clients and writing her spiritual biography : A NEW DAWN- My Journey from Terror to Trust.  Elisabeth marries her decades of profound experiences with sharing the ancient star seeded wisdoms and technologies which are now being confirmed by modern science. She assists people to identify their blocks and traumas and dissolve these back to source for their lineages and all the lifetimes involved. The Divine blueprints, DNA, programs and lost soul aspects can then be restored.  Her purpose is to create quantum shifts in consciousness and evolutionary leaps for each to fulfil their potential and spiritual purpose for themselves and simultaneously their lineages and humanity – for ALL IS ONE


The Ship

Golden Princess® Cruise Ship

An inviting world of wonder awaits your arrival on Golden Princess. Connect with family and friends over world-class cuisine, gaze out at sea from one of 700 balcony staterooms or share new experiences with our Discovery at SEA programs. From casino gaming to relaxing options like the Lotus Spa®, you'll find an array of ways to renew body and soul.

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